Welcome back, Hum! The Illinois-based rockers are back after a 22-year span between albums, surprise releasing their latest offering Inlet via Bandcamp.

The shoegaze rockers enjoyed a solid run in the '90s, issuing four studio albums and scoring the gloriously fuzzed out radio and MTV hit "Stars." But after sales for their final album, 1998's Downward in Heavenward, lagged, the band was dropped from their label and played their final shows in 2000.

Having reunited on a sporadic basis in the years since, the band's core four of Matt Talbott, Tim Lash, Jeff Dimpsey and Bryan St. Pere eventually decided to start working on new music in recent years.

"Hum is happy to announce the release of our new album, Inlet," the group revealed via social media, also pointing to vinyl, digital and bundle options at their webstore. They went on to add, "The band is extremely thankful for the kindness we have received over the years, and we hope everybody is happy and well."

The new album is an eight-track release that should appease fans of the band's '90s output. Highlights include the album opener "Waves," the hypnotically epic "Desert Rambler," the dark yet crushing "The Summoning" and the slow ebbing closer "Shapeshifter." You can currently pick it up via Bandcamp.

Hum, Inlet Artwork + Track Listing

Earth Analog Records
Earth Analog Records

1. Waves
2. In the Den
3. Desert Rambler
4. Step Into You
5. The Summoning
6. Cloud City
7. Folding
8. Shapeshifter

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