I Prevail have released their first new song "Bow Down" since vocalist Brian Burkheiser's vocal injury in 2017 that inhibited him from continuing to sing until he recovered. Listen to the song below.

Burkheiser's voice has evidently recovered very well. He announced the band's new album Trauma recently on his instagram. "After my vocal injury, I almost gave up and left my band. I was in the worst mental state of my life and felt like everything we worked for was over," he says, then explains that they were not taking outside input while making the album. "This record means everything to me. Sorry it took so long, but Trauma was born all through real experience and we needed time to get it 100% right. Hope y’all are ready." Read the full post below.

The singer developed a polyp on his vocal cord in 2017 that needed to be surgically removed. A vocal polyp is a blister-like growth that is caused by some sort of trauma like screaming, and if left untreated can strain and permanently damage the voice.

I Prevail's debut album Lifelines came out in 2016 and peaked at No. 5 on the Billboard Top Rock Albums chart.

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