'Off the Record' is a video series where we ask artists questions about anything with one exception: No questions about music. This is your chance to peer behind the music and into the daily lives these artists lead outside of their profession. Topics range from good eats (last meals, ice cream) to mischief (dumbest thing done in the name of fun, getting sent to the principal's office) to getting real (biggest fear, worst injury). Watch the full episode above.

This week's guest on Off the Record is I Prevail extreme vocalist Eric Vanlerberghe, but if you're his substitute teacher in high school, you can call him Dick.

His birth name is Richard, though he goes by Eric, and when we asked if he ever got sent to the principal's office at school, he recollected one instance in high school. His French teacher was on leave with a newborn on the way, meaning the class had a string of substitute teachers. During roll call, he acknowledged when his name was called out, but said he preferred to be called "Dick." It was straight to the principal's office, but the principal gave an eye roll and sent him marching back to class.

Vanlerberghe named Spider-Man as his favorite fictional hero, then immediately confessed that his biggest fear is of spiders. "Fucking hate spiders, man... too many legs. And too many eyes! They've got too many fucking eyes," he exclaimed in disgust.

Get some more dirt on the singer by watching the full Off the Record episode at the top of the page. You'll find out what his worst injury was, if he's ever been arrested (as two police officers hanging out at Inkcarceration looked on), what his last meal would be and more.

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