What would you risk for the ultimate reward? Ill Nino address that very idea in their new song and video for the track "All or Nothing," which features a guest turn by P.O.D.'s Sonny Sandoval and can be viewed below.

As many fans know, Ill Nino have undergone a lineup change and track was initially penned by new vocalist Marcos Leal as a self-motivating track to face this new challenge in his life head on.

“‘All or Nothing’ was written as a challenge to myself,” says Leal. “I knew the moment I joined Ill Nino I would face negativity, scrutiny and possibly ridicule. It caused me to question myself, and even question if I was good enough to embrace this opportunity. I challenged myself as I’m challenging all of you, what would you do if the opportunity of a lifetime was within your grasp? I chose to go ‘All or Nothing.’"

Helping to spread his inspirational words is P.O.D.'s Sonny Sandoval whom Leal thanked for "lending his freshness to this track and being a constant inspiration.” Sandoval says, “Like P.O.D., Ill Nino have always incorporated their culture, roots and heritage into their music and sound, which have set them apart in this metal scene for over two decades. It was my honor and privilege to have contributed to this record. After knowing them for 20 years now, I don't know why we didn't do this sooner.”

While Leal question of risk was fitting of his own story, the video for the track applies it to a prominent topic in today's world - the debate on immigration and the plight of those immigrants seeking a better life.

The Hunter Chapman-directed video serves up some eyebrow-raising stats, revealing that in the last decade, over 72,000 immigrants have perished trying to cross the U.S.-Mexico border while over 500,000 minors near the U.S.-Mexico border were apprehended in 2019. Pointing out the contributions immigrants have made to the U.S. economy, the clip also spotlights the often harrowing journey that some may take for what they view as the ultimate reward - a shot at a better life.

Ill Nino, "All or Nothing" (Featuring Sonny Sandoval)

Leal says some of these stories he's witnessed first hand. "I am fortunate to come from a place where I'm so close to the border in South Texas, that I get to witness all the good and the bad that comes from the immigration issues. My father and my father-in-law both own companies that give immigrants coming into our country an opportunity to make an honest living, and provide for their families. Working with these families, I have seen first hand some of the things that have held them back such as the language barrier, the frail state of politics in our country at the moment and the negativity that comes with it all."

He adds, "Thankfully I've also seen people come to the U.S. and conquer all of these obstacles, with many success stories, and experiences, which I've definitely learned from. I can assure you that there are many things we can learn from each other, if we could just all put our differences aside."

Drummer Dave Chavarri recalls his own family's journey coming to America. "When my family came to the United States, my father was already living in New Jersey and was already an American citizen. Shortly after he petitioned my siblings and I and we came to the U.S. in 1976 from Lima, Perú, when I was 9 years old," says the drummer. "Now I am a father to my daughter, who is an American, which makes my family 1st generation American, which is something I'm very proud of."

The video ends with the message, “Put an end to hate, put an end to ignorance, put an end to xenophobia.” Bassist Laz Pina, who grew up in a very multi-cultural neighborhood of New York, says it wasn't until later in life that he started to notice things concerning race in American culture.

"I grew up in mixed neighborhoods predominantly blue collar minorities but nonetheless mixed. My childhood friends and school mates collectively were of different backgrounds and cultures. Aside of race we ultimately had too many other things in common," says the bassist. "It wasn’t till I was much older that I began to realize certain things. Thankfully I am grateful how my country responded with our new administration and I believe we are now back to collectively moving forward again. I am hopeful of a global society living in peace, love and respect."

"All or Nothing" follows on the heels of the band's recently released track "Mascara" that featured Fire From the Gods' AJ Channer. Both tracks will appear on the new Ill Nino record, IllMortals, that is expected to arrive this fall via Break Silence Music. If you like what you hear, get the song at this location.

Ill Nino will hit the road in July for a handful of dates with Upon a Burning Body (for one show), King 810, Incite, Evolution Empire and Born in Blood for their "Ill Texas Familia" tour. Dates can be seen below. Plus the band is booked for a pair of September festival appearances.

Ill Nino Tour Dates

July 8 - Corpus Christi, Texas @ Brewster Street
July 9 - Austin, Texas @ Come and Take It Live
July 10 - El Paso, Texas @ Rock House *Also feat. Upon A Burning Body
July 11 - Lubbock, Texas @ Jake’s Sports Cafe
Sept. 11 - Orlando Fla. @ Warlando Festival
Sept. 12 - Lynchburg, Va. @ Blueridge Rockfest Festival

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