Imagine Dragons have notched three RIAA diamond song certifications, making them the first-ever band to reach this milestone with another single not far behind in eclipsing that coveted 10-plus million mark.

If you're one of those people who is either not a fan of the band or does not classify the them as rock, as they've controversially been branded by the mainstream, there is simply no way to lead a life entirely devoid of Imagine Dragons' music. Their songs are quite literally everywhere — from movies and TV to even probably casually playing from a speaker in your local dentist's office.

This massive presence amid everyday life, infiltrating ears even when someone is not actively seeking out listening to music, is largely how Imagine Dragons not only secured a trio of diamond singles — "Radioactive, "Believer" and "Demons" — but an additional 26 — yes, 26! — more multi-platinum, platinum and gold RIAA song and album certifications, all of which were made official on Aug. 31.

The always intriguing @chartdata Twitter account relayed the news of this historic accomplishment and we rummaged through the RIAA website and tabulated all of Imagine Dragons' latest certifications below.

The RIAA designates diamond certification for songs and albums that have breached the equivalent of 10 million units moved (considering sales, downloads and on-demand streams), platinum for one million or more units moved and gold for a minimum of 500,000 units moved. Learn more about certification criteria here.

Imagine Dragons — Diamond RIAA Song Certifications

"Radioactive" — Certified diamond on July 6, 2015 // 14x platinum on Aug. 31, 2021
"Believer" — Certified diamond on Aug. 31, 2021
"Demons" — Certified diamond on Aug. 31, 2021

Other New Imagine Dragons Multi-Platinum, Platinum + Gold RIAA Certifications as of Aug. 31, 2021

Night Visions — 7x platinum
Evolve — 3x platinum
Origins — platinum

"Thunder" — 9x platinum
"It's Time" — 6x platinum
"Natural" — 4x platinum
"On Top of the World" — 4x platinum
"Whatever It Takes" — 4x platinum
"I Bet My Life" — 2x platinum

"Bleeding Out" — platinum
"Shots" — platinum
"Bad Liar" — platinum

"Amsterdam" — gold
"Battle Cry" — gold
"Dream" — gold
"Friction" — gold
"Gold" — gold
"Hear Me" — gold
"Im So Sorry" — gold
"Monster" — gold
"Next to Me" — gold
"Polaroid" — gold
"Rise Up" — gold
"Roots" — gold
"Tiptoe" — gold
"Walking the Wire" — gold

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