Music manipulator and YouTube star Andy Rehfeldt is back with his latest 'Radio Disney' version of a heavier-than-hell extreme metal track. This time, Rehfeldt has posted a re-imagining of 'The Sun No Longer Rises' by black metal legends Immortal.

We've said many times that the concept of the Earth descending into eternal darkness while the resulting ice and snow causes all of mankind to painfully freeze to death would make for a tip-top children's song. It turns out we were right, as Andy Rehfeldt replaces high gutturals with radio-friendly crooning and the hopeless, apocalyptic atmosphere with good ol' clean guitar tones. No distortion here, folks!

'The Sun No Longer Rises' was released on Immortal's second album, 'Pure Holocaust.' Unleashed in 1993, the album is one of the most celebrated works of Immortal's career. 'Pure Holocaust' focuses mostly on Earth and fantasy landscapes, with the concept of frost, ice and snow as its defining theme.

Much like Rehfeldt's other 'Radio Disney Version' remixes such as Slipknot's 'Wait and Bleed' and Bloodbath's 'Eaten,' the contrast between metal and children's pop makes for an hilarious mix.

Check out Andy Rehfeldt's 'Radio Disney Version' of Immortal's 'The Sun No Longer Rises' below:

Immortal, 'The Sun No Longer Rises' (Radio Disney Version)