It's going to be a big fall for In Flames. Not only does the band have their twelfth studio album, Battles, on the release schedule for Nov. 11, but they also just released the new DVD, Sounds From the Heart of Gothenburg, and are promoting a new video from that concert collection.

It makes sense that the Swedish metallers would be huge in Gothenburg, but you really get a chance to experience that while watching the "Only for the Weak" concert video, as a sea of fans are jumping in unison to the beats of the song and proving to be one lively crowd. That follows suit throughout the Sounds From the Heart of Gothenburg DVD, which includes an explosive performance filled with pyro, circle pits and plenty of crowd surfers.

"This DVD is for everyone who was been following our career; we have songs from the early years, the middle years and the new era," states In Flames guitarist Björn Gelotte. "It has to be fun for us to play but also fun for the audience to watch and we try to get a good flow with nice dynamics and different songs." You can place your order for the DVD here.

Meanwhile, as stated, In Flames have a new studio album coming in November. Fans have already been treated to the new songs and videos for "The Truth" and "The End." You can pre-order the Battles album here. The band will hit the road with Hellyeah for a late 2016 North American run. See all of their stops here.

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