Insomnium are officially in the studio recording their eighth studio album. The Finnish melodeath masters now join a gigantic list of bands who will release new material in 2019.

The band really hit their stride in the 2010s, releasing three acclaimed albums on Century Media Records since 2011. Insomnium’s latest, Winter’s Gate, even hit No. 1 on the Finnish albums chart.

"Again when the days grew darker and the nights became colder, our path led into the dark. We checked into our traditional forest cabin, HQ, in the southern Finland for a new material rehearsal camp and (un)reality-check. We came out with 10’ish songs full of that good ol’ Finnish melancholy, sorrow & misery and now it’s time to wrap it all on tape for you peeps to hear ’em. Cannot wait to start the studio process and let the creative processes go up-and-down again!" comments guitarist Markus Vanhala.

”Exactly so!” adds vocalist / bassist Niilo Sevänen. ”We have a pile of great songs in our hands and we can’t wait to get these recorded and finished. I would say the album will be the kind of dreary and wistful Insomnium that people probably might expect but we also have a few surprises in store. Lyrically the album will revolve around Finland’s bleakest and most sorrowful tales and songs. So this time we are really going into the blackened heart of Finnish gloom!”

Drummer Markus Hirvonen checked in earlier today (Feb. 20) with an update revealing he’s nearly completed his drum parts for the new album:

The most highly anticipated album of Insomnium’s career is expected to be released this fall, so stay tuned for further updates and new music.

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