Your favorite music video may be good, but it will never be drunk-and-stoned-dolphin-banging-chicks good. Seriously, Intronaut just made a clip for "Fast Worms" worthy of its own slot on Adult Swim.

Progressive metal masters Intronaut released their fifth studio album, The Direction of Last Things, last week. The record has gotten some great reviews so far, but we officially bestow five stars upon the clip for "Fast Worms."

The dudes from Intronaut substitute their guitars and drums for ukeleles and accordions while the story of a dolphin/human hybrid is detailed. This dolphin possesses a lot of inner pain from trying to fit in with humanity. Donning a black wig and fake eyebrows, the seafaring protagonist drinks and smokes his way through life before meeting the girl of his dreams after being roughed up at a bar.

This video tells a beautiful love story impossible for society to accept, but we gain understanding through scenes of the duo roller skating and going to the beach together, along with more intimate moments in private. However, there may or may not be a twist at the very end.

Believe us: this seven-minute video will make your Monday. Watch Intronaut's clip for "Fast Worms" above! To grab a copy of The Direction of Last Things, click here.

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