Los Angeles experimental metal band Intronaut are set to release their fourth full-length album, 'Habitual Levitations (Instilling Words With Tones),' on March 19, and the band is proving itself as a force to be reckoned with in the metal world. Now, the band has unveiled both the album art and full track listing of 'Habitual Levitations.'

Intronaut are set to open a monster metal tour with Meshuggah and Animals as Leaders beginning Feb. 11 in Orlando, Fla. The trek will likely offer the world's first substantial taste of Intronaut's new material. The band's most recent release, 'Valley of Smoke,' caught the attention of metalheads worldwide, gaining much critical praise in the process. In fact, Justin Chancellor of Tool even performed as a second bassist on the 2010 album's title track.

The incredibly technical, genre-hopping and theory-oriented style of Intronaut will surely prove to be a burly addition to Meshuggah and Animals as Leaders' 2013 tour, which may prove to be the most scientific metal tour of the year.

Check out Intronaut's 'Habitual Levitations' track listing below, along with the video for the song 'Milk Leg.'

Intronaut, 'Milk Leg'

Intronaut, 'Habitual Levitations (Instilling Words With Tones)' Track Listing

01. Killing Birds With Stones
02. The Welding
03. Steps
04. Sore Sight For Eyes
05. Milk Leg
06. Harmonomicon
07. Eventual
08. Blood From A Stone
09. The Way Down

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