Iron Maiden are awesome, but you already knew that, which is why you'll be happy to check out the band's new tour diary. Maiden's latest leg of their 'Maiden England' tour, which revives the majority of their setlist following the release of 'Seventh Son of a Seventh Son' in 1988, is currently in Europe and the band has documented the journey for your viewing pleasure.

Today (July 5), Iron Maiden posted their newest tour video along with the statement, "Iron Maiden are on the road! Here's the first tour diary…" The video showcases hundreds of thousands (if not well over a million) fans coming out to see the New Wave of British Heavy Metal legends perform one of their best set lists ever concocted. As always, Maiden have brought their favorite toys along with them, consisting of multiple giant Eddies, intricate sets, tons of banners, costumes and lots of fire.

While on the road, Iron Maiden celebrated drummer Nicko McBrain's birthday, commissioned an old Spitfire fighter aircraft to fly over a massive crowd (a favorite of vocalist and professional pilot Bruce Dickinson) and treated fans to a set many had been waiting on for well over two decades.

The near eight-minute video is a must-see for Iron Maiden fans, especially if you're planning to catch the legends on their remaining European, Asian, North American and South American tour dates. Check out Iron Maiden's new tour diary in the video above!