Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson is one of the most legendary metal vocalists in history, and as many fans know, Dickinson's passions don't stop at music. Dickinson is also a respected airline pilot, and fans of the human 'Air Raid Siren' now have an opportunity to be the heavy metal icon's co-pilot (sort of) as part of a record-breaking attempt to raise money for charity.

The Global Flight Simulator Challenge aims to break the Guinness World Record for the longest duration simulator flight. As 100 pilots will switch off for a total of 10 days, the simulated flight will cover 22,500 nautical miles in an attempt to raise both awareness and money to build and operate a flight simulator for disabled student pilots. The disabled-adapted flight simulator will allow prospective pilots with weak, missing or prosthetic limbs to follow their dream of flight.

One of the 100 pilots taking part in the record breaking attempt will be Bruce Dickinson, who aims to raise a good chunk of change for the cause by auctioning off a spot as his co-pilot during the singer's stint in the flight simulator. The journey will take place over 10 days in October at Aerobility’s Blackbushe Airport headquarters in Camberley, England.

The fundraising target amount is £100,000, and with the auction running until Sept. 24, the co-pilot position looks like it will be raking in some serious cash for the cause.

Check out the eBay auction page where you can bit for a spot as Bruce Dickinson's co-pilot. For more info on the Global Flight Simulator Challenge and how to donate to the cause, click here.