Is there anything Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson can't or won't do? Front a heavy metal band? Check. Pilot commercial planes? Check. Fly band to and from tour destinations? Check. Run a race during a wedding weekend? Check. Dickinson, along with Maiden guitarist Dave Murray, was in Grasmere, England, for the wedding of Louise, the daughter of manager Andy Taylor, this past weekend. He spent his Sunday by running the Grasmere Sport's Guides Race.

In addition to running the race, Dickinson delighted the locals by taking pictures with them and chatting them up, post-race. According to the Westmoreland Gazette, Dickinson, an amateur runner, lined up with Murray's daughter Tasha for the event. He completed the run in 26 minutes and 21 seconds, and ended up placing 161st out of 181. At least he wasn't dead last.

Tim Farron, who was on site, commented that the frontman could not have been more gracious, saying, "There were no airs and graces about him and he said that Grasmere was one of his favourite places. He was shaking people’s hands."

What's next for Bruce Dickinson? Politics? A PhD? Anything is possible with him. He is a true Renaissance Man whose energy and talents know no bounds.