Iron Maiden have used their platform over the years to fund various charities, and while they prefer to keep their involvement in a number of the causes private, there's one that they're very eager to speak of publicly.

Bassist Steve Harris tells Samaritan Mag, "One of the things I can talk about because we started it off is our old drummer, Clive [Burr] has MS, so we started the Clive Burr Trust. Another friend of mine also has got it. He's in a wheelchair. We went to school with him, my oldest friend since I was 5 years old, so we helped him, but we don't normally talk too much about it."

Burr appeared on the 'Iron Maiden,' "Killers,' and 'Number of the Beast' album during his tenure from 1979-1983, but eventually exited to pursue other opportunities. After hearing of Burr's diagnosis, the band established the Trust for Burr in 2002.

While there is no website for the Clive Burr MS Trust, the group still stages events periodically to add to it for the drummer. Harris says, "The fans know about it and they contribute to it, and every now and again we'll do a show and just donate all the money. When we need to top it up, we do something."

The group stepped in with a financial contribution when Burr was about to lose his home, and the Trust has also allowed the drummer to travel to Belgium for a special treatment program and to provide a special bed and computer for the musician. They've also aided other friends with MS through the fun, providing a modified vehicle to carry a wheelchair for one of Harris' friends. Meanwhile, the wife of an Iron Maiden tribute band member received money to help modify their home to give her greater mobility.

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