It should be carved in stone by this point, but Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson has one of the most powerful voices of all time, both in heavy metal and in music as a whole. His voice has given inspiration for many aspiring singers of all ages across a multitude of different genres. Recently, his voice and the band's music have given a new spark for inspiration, as a children's choir recently covered Iron Maiden's "Fear of the Dark," spinning it into its own life.

The Ivo Andrić elementary school choir in Belgrade, Serbia has covered a variety of heavy metal and hard rock classics in the past, and Iron Maiden's "Fear of the Dark" is the perfect addition to a list of songs that include Manowar, Scorpions and Metallica. The kids all cover Dickinson's vocals and high notes faithfully, and are joined by a guitarist who jams out the licks to 1992 classic.

In grown up Maiden news, the band have recently given their likenesses to a recent Angry Birds update. In addition to all the base Angry Birds characters, you'll also have the option of using a special character, none other than Eddie the Bird, for a two-week special event.

If you needed more Iron Maiden transformations, YouTuber Andy Rehfeldt recently released a cover of Iron Maiden's "Number of the Beast," taking it in a Bossa Nova direction. No, we're not kidding! It's a wild take on the original that shows off how excellent the original's songwriting is, expanding the song into new territories.

Watch a children's choir cover "Fear of the Dark" above!

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