It's a bittersweet time for Iron Maiden. About a week ago, we found out vocalist Bruce Dickinson is currently battling cancer. However, in a new update from drummer Nicko McBrain, the percussionist reveals Iron Maiden have completed their 16th studio album.

McBrain broke the news of Maiden's next album, which will hopefully still see a 2015 release, during an interview with 98.7 the Gater (watch above). "We have made an album," McBrain says. "The album was ready to go this year… and it still is. We were planning on going out and doing some work around the album, which now, we're all just holding on, and once Bruce is up and running, hopefully in the next couple of months, we'll… You never know when this might happen. You just never know, do you? [Laughs]"

Nicko also reassured fans that they can remain optimistic about Bruce Dickinson's battle with a cancerous tumor on his tongue. "We were all blown away when we heard the news. But the great thing is [Bruce is] in great hands back home in England, not only with his family, but his oncologists and all the people that are working with him. They were all very positive, as Bruce has been, through the whole thing."

McBrain continues, "Obviously, it's a blow for everybody to hear the news. Last week, the official announcement was made, after he finished his treatment. And all of that treatment went exceedingly well. And from not having spoken to Bruce for a couple of weeks, but talking to our manager, he was in amazing spirits, considering the brutality of the radiology, and he had three chemo sessions. So it's been pretty hard, as you can imagine. And he's apparently doing very well. He was in the office Wednesday last week, and apparently he went out. He goes down the pub… although he can't taste his beer. He said, 'At least I know it's a 'Trooper.' I've got the bottle in my hand.' [Laughs] I said, 'Does it still work?' 'Oh yeah!' [Laughs]" So, just to let everybody know, from what we can gather, he's really in great hands, and he's doing extremely well. So we expect him to have a full recovery in the next couple of months."

Keep getting healthy, Bruce! Stay tuned to Loudwire for all your updates on Bruce Dickinson's health and Iron Maiden's 16th studio album.

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