Throughout the annals of metal time, the discussion has been whether Iron Maiden or Judas Priest have the better guitarists. But what if you didn't have to choose? What if you could have the guitarists of both bands in one super collective? Thanks to a new mash-up, that's now possible.

The Taskmaster, the mash-up master behind the Megatallica offerings, is now pairing Maiden and Priest in an epic melding called "The Wicker Eye / Electric Hellion Man." Adding to the complexity of the mash-up, The Taskmaster has also synched up video footage of both Priest and Maiden to go with the song.

Watch as Bruce Dickinson's energetic live vocals give way to a shadowy Rob Halford, also standing onstage and ready for his inclusion. It's very well done both visually and musically, with shots interspersed of an audience going wild for the set.

If you're not familiar with The Taskmaster's work, check out previous mashups of "Disposable Holy War Heroes," "Fight Fire With Lungs of Hell," "Sandman Symphony," "Welcome My Darkest Hour" and even a Metallica / Black Sabbath pairing, "Sad Children of the True Grave." You can view The Taskman's other mashups at his YouTube channel.

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