UPDATE: That did not take long. Responding to a query in a Facebook post about Rymer's Instagram tease, guitarist Ben Weinman told a fan when asked if there was anything to the rumors, "Nothing, Billy said it was a dream or some shit. I really hope people don't buy tickets to Furnace Fest for this."

Could The Dillinger Escape Plan be reuniting for a set at the 2023 edition of Furnace Fest? Drummer Billy Rymer certainly has fans wondering after a new post to his Instagram Stories that appeared to be a keyboard typing out a Dillinger Escape Plan setlist.

The post was titled "Furnace 2023" and as can be seen in the screen shot below, song titles being typed out on the keyboard include "The Mullet Burden," "Sugar Coated Sour," "Panasonic Youth," "Lurch," "Farewell Mona Lisa," "Prancer" while what appeared to be the start of the song title "Limerent Death" appeared before the video cut off.

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Instagram: BillyRymer

So could it be that The Dillinger Escape Plan, who played a triumphant run of farewell tour dates in 2017, might be reuniting for the 2023 edition of Furnace Fest? While the posting is not confirmation of a reunion, it does seem to tease that Rymer is set to perform Dillinger's music while appearing at the annual festival. Whether that is with the band or in some sort of Dillinger tribute remains to be seen.

Back in 2017, frontman Greg Puciato revealed toward the end of their run, "I’m ready, I want it to end. I love the shows, but mentally ...I’m already there."

In 2019, guitarist Ben Weinman reflected on the band's final shows and legacy. "The musical climate has changed," Weinman said at the time. "I'm not going to say for better or worst because I will just be accused of being either old and removed or pandering to the new guard. But the fact is that we made music during a time when bands were mythology. Innovation came from limitations and a musician could not be influential by simply playing cover songs or scales from the comfort of their bedroom. They did it by making a global cultural impact by how they performed and the music they created."

He continued, "The word content had a different meaning. To us, it was the physical detail and meaning of our art. Not data to fill someone else's multi-billion-dollar website or mobile app. I embrace evolution and prefer to get on the arc rather than sink with the dinosaurs, but feel really lucky and grateful to have experienced what I did with the people I did it with."

In the time since their split, the band members have gone on to different things. Singer Greg Puciato has played in Black Queen and Killer Be Killed along with releasing a solo album. Guitarist Ben Weinman has played with Suicidal Tendencies and has spent time as a music manager and on composing music for a film. Liam Wilson has played bass with Devin Townsend, John Frum and Azusa. And Rymer has played drums for Glassjaw and Ho99o9.

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