Islander are set to spend the month of October opening dates for Korn and when they hit the stage, they'll have a new song to work into sets. The track is called "Wake Up" and it just arrived online.

"I woke up yesterday morning and saw that the pope was dropping an album called Wake Up! The irony of it is that we recorded a song of our own called 'Wake Up!' a month ago," revealed singer Mikey Carvajal to Alternative Press. "We didn't intend on releasing it today -- as we are in the middle of promoting our radio single 'Cold Speak,' which is at No. 29 right now on the charts. But the pope has really left us with no choice."

While we're not sure that anyone will mistake Islander for the Pope, it is good to have a new song from the upstart rockers, who have been touring on the Violence & Destruction disc since 2014. It is not known if the song is independent of a new album or the first taste of their still to be revealed follow-up effort.

As stated, Islander are hitting the road with Korn and Suicide Silence will also take part in the trek, which launches on Oct. 1 in Chicago. Dates run through Oct. 30, with Korn using the run to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their self-titled debut disc. See their stops here.