History will show that 'Bark at the Moon' is one of the more successful discs of Ozzy Osbourne's solo career, but Osbourne's former guitarist, Jake E. Lee, is challenging the idea that Osbourne alone penned the music on the album.

While recently dropping by Eddie Trunk's 'Trunk Nation' radio show (as transcribed by Blabbermouth), Lee revealed the alleged circumstances that led to his being left out of the songwriting credits for the disc.

"I was told from the get-go, 'If you write part of the songs, you'll get writing credit, you'll get publishing -- that's part of your deal.' We recorded the album at Ridge Farm Studios and I kept asking because I'm getting really close to finishing all my stuff on the record. Once I laid down the final track, they said, 'We have the contract for you.'"

But Lee says the contract was not what he expected: "In it, it said, 'Ozzy Osbourne wrote all the songs. You had nothing to do with any of the writing, you have not claim to publishing and you cannot say so publicly.' I said to Sharon Osbourne, 'This isn't what you told me before. Why do you think I'm going to sign it?'"

According to Lee, Sharon Osbourne told him that if he didn't sign, he would be let go and could "stand in line" to sue them, and in the interim, they had his guitar tracks and would find another musician to redo his parts. The guitarist says he decided not to challenge the contract as it would have been a legal nightmare.

Lee says he learned from the experience. He did receive credit for the Osbourne follow-up, 'The Ultimate Sin,' insisting on seeing the contract before playing a single note.

These days Lee has returned to music with his new band Red Dragon Cartel. They released their self-titled debut disc back in January.

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