Shocking news! James Hetfield has quit Metallica to join alternative rock group the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

After 35 years of making music with Metallica, frontman James Hetfield has moved on to a new project. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs have been on hiatus since 2014, with frontwoman Karen O embracing her newest role as a mother. Karen gave birth to a son, Django, in 2015 and has made no statements on returning to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs since.

With Karen O’s commitment to motherhood, guitarist / keyboardist Nick Zinner and drummer Brian Chase contacted James Hetfield for a lucrative offer to become the group’s new leader. According to a very reliable source, Hetfield had just one word for them — “Yeah!”

In the video news report above, we were actually able to snag James Hetfield on the phone for his first interview since joining the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. When we asked if the move had anything to do with creative differences between Metallica bandmates, Hetfield responded, “Yeah.” We also asked if Hetfield decision was motivated by his distaste for the silly faces drummer Lars Ulrich makes onstage.

As for Metallica’s long-awaited 10th studio album, we asked Hetfield if the recording will ever see the light of day, and you won’t believe his response!

Watch the video above for our exclusive scoop on this breaking news story.

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