Jamie Campbell Bower, the actor from Stranger Things 4 who — spoiler art — plays the murderous creature Vecna and its human counterpart Henry Creel, is also a musician. On Friday (Aug. 12), he released his latest dark and folky rock number, "I Am."

But it's not his music debut. Bower has worked on music for years, releasing Prologue (Live From the Alter) in 2020. He followed that with the singles "Run On" and "Devil in Me" earlier this year. Before that, the English entertainer led the band COUNTERFEIT.

Listen to "I Am" near the bottom of this post.

The fourth season of Netflix's Stranger Things, which premiered this spring, culminated in July with a Metallica song inclusion that boosted the metal band's popularity. On the show, character Eddie Munson performs the act's "Master of Puppets" in a pivotal scene. Metallica subsequently welcomed new fans before some seemingly attempted to "cancel" the group after learning more about their past.

Below, read a description of Bower's "I Am" music video and see the clip. The song's available to stream. Metallica are wrapping up their summer 2022 tour dates and will play the Global Citizen Festival in September. Get Metallica tickets here.

The 'I Am' music video finds Jamie playing two alternate roles — a preacher at the pulpit, delivering an impassioned liturgy, and a wayward congregant who stumbles into the chapel. Jamie's preacher self is in the midst of an earnest chant, which includes the lyrics 'I'm the angel / I'm the devil / And I'm coming inside.' At the very end of the video, both of Jamie's selves meet together in the aisle of the church. It's a haunting display of being confronted by your innerself.

Jamie Bower, "I Am" (Music Video)

Bower on The Tonight Show - Aug. 3, 2022

"I Am" Single Artwork

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