Jane's Addiction will release 'The Great Escape Artist' via Capitol on Oct. 18 and the band is revving up excitement for the album by revealing the visually captivating album cover art.

The image is particularly striking in that it looks like an especially cartoonish version of the band's frontman, the alt rock icon that is Perry Farrell, hugging himself tightly.

The cover of 'The Great Escape Artist' features the cartoon illustrated dude with washboard abs, wearing nothing more than a black, grape-smuggling pair of underwear and white socks. He appears to be in his bedroom, which is decorated with things like black lights, a small bed, a guitar in the corner, a computer monitor and an open journal on the desk.

There are posters of scantily clad women on the wall. It looks like the bedroom of a typical teenager, really. You'll start to notice more items in the room as you repeatedly look at the cover. Each time, you'll discover something you didn't see previously.

The cover star's arms look wrapped around his body twice. It begs the question: is he the great escape artist and what is he looking to escape? Adolescence? His body? His mind. We know, we're really thinking deeply about it, but that's the sign of a rad album cover. When you start to think about the meaning and try to unearth layers of meaning based on the images contained within, then the artist/illustrator has done his or her job well.