Do you have a special talent? Are you interested in seeing Jane's Addiction on tour -- from a once-in-a-lifetime, behind-the-scenes perspective? This could be your opportunity to put your unique gifts to work for the greater good of rock and roll.

According to a post at the Jane's website, the band is looking for what it calls "a variety of local professionals to join our upcoming shows." Sound too vague? Here, try the post's opening paragraph on for size: "Are you an old-fashioned barber? A tattoo artist? A party photographer with 'speak-easy' style accessories?  Or perhaps you have another outlandish activity that would enhance the evening?!"

In a clear bid to inject the 'Theatre of the Escapists' tour with a little old-fashioned Lollapalooza flair, Jane's is planning on having these folks set up in the lobby before each show, where fans "will be able to enjoy and immerse themselves in each activity prior to the band taking the stage." Which totally beats checking your email and leafing through the tour program, especially if the Amazing Mr. Lifto puts in an appearance.

So take inventory of your talents, Loudwire readers. Do you have any skills or accoutrements that would liven up Jane's 'Theatre'? Check out the info at this post and let the band know. See you on the road!

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