Throughout the history of rock, many fans often find themselves playing a game of “Where are they now?” with former members who came and went along the course of a band’s career. While the stories may not always have happy endings, the history of former Nirvana guitarist and Soundgarden bassist Jason Everman (pictured far right above) after he was booted from both legendary bands is not only a positive one, it’s downright awe-inspiring.

In a new lengthy profile on Everman, the New York Times chronicles a detailed account of Everman’s life story from his birth in Alaska to his serendipitous albeit short-lived stints with Nirvana and Soundgarden. His time with Nirvana unraveled after the band hit the road, and bassist Krist Novoselic describes the downward spiral as follows: “We had some great shows with Jason. But then things went south really fast.” According to the story, “somewhere along the way, a cloud formed over Jason, an impenetrable inwardness that just hung there. They say he wouldn’t talk to anyone, completely removing himself from the circle.”

That same sentiment would end his short time with Soundgarden, with the band citing that things just weren’t working out. Guitarist Kim Thayil recalls, “We’re not behaving like a band. I’m not happy. No one here is happy. No one’s talking to each other.”

A few years later in 1993, Everman’s life would take an entirely different course when he first met with the U.S. Army recruiters. He was offered a fast track to becoming a Ranger with the ultimate goal of becoming an elite member of the Special Forces, and that’s just what he did. From his hellish basic training in Fort Benning to his enlistment as a Ranger, active duty during war times, to becoming a decorated member of the Special Forces, Everman’s accomplishments for this great country is where he found his true calling.

Having recently earned his Bachelor's Degree in philosophy from Columbia, Everman currently lives in Puget Sound, Wash.

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