Alex Trebek read some of the lyrics from Motley Crue’s 1987 hit ‘Girls, Girls, Girls’ on Jeopardy this week to the delight of all ears everywhere. Let’s set the scene: imagine you’re an unsuspecting TV viewer, sitting at home watching what you thought was just a normal episode of your favorite trivia show, when all of a sudden contestant Colin chooses the ‘Hard Rockers’ category for $2,000. What happened next was pure auditory gold and you can watch it in the video above.

This isn't the first time Motley Crue has been mentioned on the show.  In a 2013 episode, the category was ‘Band Names,’ the answer was “I’d go to Mars with Sixx of my pals to Neil before ‘80s hard rock gods like them, right, Tommy boy?” and the right question was ‘Who is Motley Crue?’ Unlike the contestant in the clip above, none of the players could think of the correct response.

Jeopardy and metal have actually intertwined more than you might think. Megadeth has been mentioned on the game show (much to the band's delight), NBC’s Saturday Night Live has parodied Sharon Osbourne and Ozzy Osbourne during their Celebrity Jeopardy skits and several people have done metal versions of the show's theme song.

We doubt Motley Crue will have much time to watch Jeopardy this year. They take their Final Tour to Japan next week, then play several festivals in Europe in June, before bringing the last leg of their farewell trek to North America in July. The guys just released a promo video for their 2015 shows. Check it out below.

Motley Crue's Promo Video for The Final Tour 2015

You Think You Know Motley Crue?

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