Joe Satriani’s given IK Multimedia his list of top gear so you can vote for the gear you want to see in AmpliTube Joe Satriani to be released in 2020! For 30 years he’s used a massive collection of dream gear to create some of the most iconic guitar recordings of all-time. From the wah-sculpted leads of "Surfing with the Alien" to the stripped-down rock of his work in Chickenfoot (featuring Sammy Hagar, Michael Anthony and Chad Smith), he’s one of an elite few guitarists with not just one signature sound, but dozens.

And Joe knows IK Multimedia, too. He’s used AmpliTube at home and in the studio, including many released tracks. Recently he’s been enjoying his new AXE I/O audio interface, with all the amazing tone shaping and re-amping options it gives him. So when we approached him about doing a signature AmpliTube collection, he was in.

The only question? What gear to model! That’s where you come in. Click here to vote and let us know what gear you’d like to see in the next signature series of AmpliTube. Joe provided the list, so let us know which you like most!

And if that wasn’t enough; Show off your guitar chops for a chance to win the ultimate guitar recording studio! The only thing better than voting for gear is using it! So here’s your chance to win an amazing guitar recording studio:

Post a video of your best chops to YouTube, Instagram or Facebook using hashtag #AmpliTubeSatch

To vote and to enter the giveaway, Click here!


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