Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison recently revealed that he has written 40 potential songs for the band's upcoming album. With it being Slipknot's first album since the death of bassist Paul Gray, Jordison also goes into detail about how the record will act as a proverbial exorcism for the band.

During an interview with Terrorizer, Jordison opened up about the development of Slipknot's upcoming album. "So far, I've written and recorded 40 songs," says the drummer. "And so I'm writing alone until we can all come together. Then we can start playing and go from there. That's how we wrote 'Prelude', 'The Blister Exists'. It's how we start a lot of songs."

Jordison continues, "This will be our deepest, most celebrated record. The journey is that we are trying to live our lives, just like everyone else is trying to live theirs. We all have weird s--t in our lives and a lot of our songs reflect that. On the next record, we will be exorcising, getting out a lot of the crap that I think, personally, we have held in too much, against each other."

The drummer also commented on Slipknot's new live bassist Donnie Steele and his position in the band. "The other guy [Donnie] is not allowed onstage, no f---ing way," said Jordison, echoing recent comments from percussionist Clown. "He is behind the stage and he does a great job. We are nine people and we, unfortunately, lost one. But it doesn't matter; we are still nine. We can never replace Paul."

Check out Joey Jordison's full interview in the July 2012 edition of Terrorizer.