Korn frontman Jonathan Davis has promised to deliver a wide range of sounds on his debut solo record, Black Labyrinth, and the video for the new song "Basic Needs" further clues fans in on what to expect.

While the previously released songs "Everyone" and "What it Is" leaned on heavier, more theatrical and anthemic elements, "Basic Needs" hits on a different dynamic altogether. "Basic Needs" is largely atmospheric, relying on synth loops. The back half of the track is less conventional, discharging Middle-Eastern elements that eventually clash with a wall of thick, distorted bass.

"There's a level of enlightenment I want to achieve," says Davis, who was inspired by the Ganzfeld Experiment on this album. "With all of the bullshit going, everyone is stuck on their fucking cell phones. This takes us way out of that. No matter how hard you try to fight bad things in your life, life will be what it is. It's up to you to accept that, combat it, and move forward, or it's up to you to be in denial. Then, it becomes a thorn in your side until you finally deal with it. This is it. Just deal with it."

Black Labyrinth will be out May 25 on Sumerian Records. Davis is in the midst of wrapping up his solo tour, which began back in early April. The final date on this leg will be May 19 in New Jersey followed by a small European jaunt. See the list of remaining stops here.

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