Korn and the brand ADIDAS have quite a history, and as many fans know, the band has a song called "A.D.I.D.A.S." that appeared on their 1996 album Life Is Peachy. What many fans probably don't know, though, is that Jonathan Davis held his newborn son while recording the song.

The frontman recalled the moment, calling it "fucked up," during an interview with the ADIDAS brand about their recent collaboration with Korn, which featured track suit pieces, sneakers and more. When working on Life Is Peachy, Korn turned ADIDAS into an acronym, and while Davis said "it could be a million different things," such as sports, the song itself reiterates "All Day I Dream About Sex."

"It's very immature and juvenile. It representative of where we were at at that point in time. You're 24 years old. That's all you really think about, especially being in a rock band. That's just the whole dream and everything. But it's like, at that time that song was everything to me," Davis recalled.

"What's fucked up about it, when I performed it, if you listen, my firstborn son Nathan was between my legs when I sang that song," he continued, adding that listeners can hear the baby cooing in the background during the breakdown of the track.

Davis holding a baby while singing about sex is the ultimate "where do babies come from" moment. Perhaps teachers should tell the story in sex education classes in school.

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Korn's collaborative line with ADIDAS is currently sold out, but fans can find many of the items on resale sites such as Poshmark and StockX. However, many of these sites have the pieces listed much higher than their original price, so it may be worth waiting to see if they'll release another line in the future.

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