We know Jonathan Davis as the ferocious frontman of the legendary Korn, but his life could've went in many different directions along the way.

Davis was born on January 18, 1971 in Bakersfield, Calif. At the age of 3, he developed asthma, which resulted in having to be exposed to medical and blood procedures throughout much of his childhood. His parents divorced, and he had a deranged relationship with his stepmother, who he has claimed wanted to ruin his life.

The future vocalist was bullied often during his adolescence as well, mainly for wearing eye makeup and unconventional clothing. His fashion sense was inspired by his love for goth, new wave and industrial music.

Davis had an... interesting job prior to pursuing music, too. He became an assistant at the Kern County Coroner's office, attended mortuary school and became an embalmer. Talk about a career change.

All the while, Davis had been playing in and out of bands and experimenting with instruments. But his life was changed forever when he formed Korn in 1993, which would go on to become one of the strongest forces in music during the decade, laying the foundation for a whole new genre of funk-metal laced with darkness.

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Though the frontman found success, it didn't make his life any easier as an adult than it had been as a child. He's had battles with substance abuse, medical issues and endured the loss of both his wife and his mother around the same time.

But, despite all of the ups and downs, Davis is also a father, has sold over 40 million albums worldwide with Korn, has had success with his own solo projects and is sober. He's living proof that hardships do not define who you are.

Check out photos of Korn's triumphant vocalist through the years below.

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