We've already showed you what Germans actually think of Rammstein and now it's time to get a raw and honest reaction to their music from a K-pop fan. This should be good, right?

YouTube user GiddyKitty watched the video for Rammstein's new song "Deutschland" for the first time, completely unaware of what the band sounds like and that their imagery can sometimes be violent, sexually-charged and provocative.

The dark cinematic overtones that precede the music in the video leave her clutching her pearls at first. "Shit, shit, shit," she says, fearing what's still to come. When the song does begin, GiddyKitty is caught off guard by the distorted guitars. To be fair, we don't expect a K-pop fan to be familiar with heavy distortion just like we aren't familiar with K-pop... well, aside from "Gangnam Style."

"I'm really enjoying the song  — the music video is weird, plain weird, but not too, like, gory," she comments early on.

Despite all of the political imagery in the video, which is based on some of Germany's regrettable past, GiddyKitty's most taken aback exclamation comes when someone in the video hoists a gnarly looking cat into the air like some demented recreation of that one scene in The Lion King. When the cat appears again, she's still in shock, singling it out. Meanwhile, Nazi officers point rifles in the faces of concentration camp prisoners.

After the song finished, GiddyKitty offered her summation of "Deutschland." "Honestly, I kind of really liked it," she assessed. "The beat just sounded like an anthem." She ultimately concludes that she now likes "hard rock" and asks for more suggestions from viewers.

Watch the full reaction in the video below.

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