It was a crushing night of music from international acts Kataklysm and Belphegor who completely destroyed the very intimate Santos Party House in New York City.

The show was originally supposed to take place at Gramercy Theatre it was moved to Santos but Kataklysm could’ve played a parking lot and fans would’ve showed up as passionate as ever. The Canadian death metalers are on tour in support of their new album Of Ghosts and Gods. New tracks that were performed included, “The Black Sheep,” “Thy Serpents Tongue” and “Soul Destroyer.”

The band also cranked out notable favorites, “As I Slither,” “At the Edge of the World,” “Like Angels Weeping (The Dark)” and “In Shadows & Dust.” The memorable night ended with throbbing ear drums as “Crippled & Broken” was unleashed. With twelve studio albums and over 30 years of music Kataklysm is anything but crippled and broken, the group  is going strong and their fans in the states are right behind them!

With skulls lining the stage, blackened death metal act Belphegor hailing from Austria took the stage beforehand. As each track began with erratic and swift drum patterns a little piece of hell opened up and so did the pit. Santos Party House being as small as it is, there was no place to run when the circle pits got unruly.  Annihilating anthems “Lucifer Incestus,” “Belphegor-Hell's Ambassador" and “Bondage Goat Zombie” filled the room and the night ended with, “Totenkult - Exegesis of Deterioration.” If the skulls onstage and the smell of incense mixed with death weren't eerie enough then frontman Helmuth Lehner's speaking voice (which sounded like a zombie from The Walking Dead) surely added to the incredible ambiance of the band.

Winter Nights were the hometown heroes of the night as the Brooklyn boys kicked off the show with a thrashing set of their own. Check out our full photo gallery above of all of the bands performing in NYC.