Three cheers for Swedish progressive metal masters Katatonia for their consecutive victories against Gojira, Nile and an incredibly impressive win against As I Lay Dying. Seemingly the underdogs throughout each of their Death Match battles, Katatonia and their track 'Dead Letters' are only one more win away from being declared immortal in the Death Match Hall of Fame.

Katatonia's final opponents are the members of High on Fire. Having released one of 2012's most finely crafted albums, 'De Vermis Mysteriis,' the band have finally created a music video for 'Fertile Green.' The video is a fascinating depiction of the album's overall theme, where Jesus Christ's stillborn twin brother travels through time and space and is able to see the past through the eyes of his ancestors. Even without the awesome concept, 'Fertile Green' is a must-hear track -- we even gave the single Loudwire's first-ever perfect score of 5/5.

Can Katatonia pull off one more win to enter the Death Match's sacred hall, or has High on Fire already seen a win in their near future? The choice, as always, is yours. Vote for your favorite track in the poll below!

(This Death Match ends on Tuesday, August 28, at 10AM ET. Fans can vote once per hour! So come back and vote often to make sure your favorite song wins!)

Katatonia, 'Dead Letters'
High on Fire, 'Fertile Green'



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Rules of Death Match

Two bands fight to the death each week. Fans can vote once per hour. The triumphant band goes on to compete in the next Death Match. If a band wins four straight Death Matches, its song will be honored as immortal in the Loudwire Death Match Hall of Fame.