It’s hard to escape the drama that seems to follow Black Sabbath around, but according to keyboardist Adam Wakeman, who also plays for Ozzy Osbourne’s band, the Black Sabbath bandmates are just a normal group of guys at the end of the day. In a new interview with MTV Hive the musician talked about his relationship with the legendary band, working for Ozzy, and his own rock star roots.

When it comes to partying all night with Black Sabbath, Wakeman confirms that that environment is a thing of the past. “Ozzy doesn’t drink, Tony doesn’t really drink much. They’ve gotten to a point in their lives where they’re just happy to be still here.” explains Wakeman. “Things are much more civilized now. There’s no craziness. I think they’re just appreciative that they’ve got through it and are still here. They’re a good bunch.”

Strangely enough, Wakeman said that none of them talk about music much during their downtime. When asked what they do discuss, Wakeman said, “Everything else.” He continued, “It was only when pressed, when you ask them questions about stuff. I spent quite a lot of time with Geezer [Butler] and he was on this last Ozzy and Friends tour we’d just done. He’s hilarious … such a funny bloke. You start talking, and asking questions, and then they open up. They’ve been talking about it for 45 years. My dad’s the same. He won’t talk about music unless you ask him questions.”

Keyboard playing seems to run in Wakeman's family. If his name sounds familiar, it’s because his father is Rick Wakeman, the keyboard player for Yes. Wakeman’s career started with working with a handful of eclectic artists from Annie Lennox to Victoria Beckham before ending up with Osbourne.

While Wakeman is more of a hired hand for Black Sabbath, his contributions to Ozzy's solo career include co-writing several songs with Osbourne.