It was a hot Midwestern night at Lollapalooza in Chicago, but that didn't deter a frenzied crowd from showing their support for metal legends Black Sabbath, who made their U.S. return Friday night (Aug. 3) at Grant Park.

Though the Black Keys, one of the biggest concert draws going these days, were playing opposite Sabbath on the other main stage, the metal godfathers more than held their own with the audience on hand.

From the opening notes of 'Black Sabbath,' the crowd roared to show their support and kept the energy going through a majority of the set. One of the early highlights of the show was 'The Wizard,' with Ozzy Osbourne showing some serious harp skills on the track.

Our reporter on the scene tells us that even with Tony Iommi having to take some time off while recuperating from cancer treatments this summer, the band sounded great and were on top of their game.

Drummer Tommy Cluefetos, who has taken the place of Bill Ward after a contract dispute, even got a bit of the spotlight while pounding away with a drum solo during 'Symptom of the Universe' before eventually transitioning into 'Iron Man.'

Upon his return from a breather during the instrumental track, Osbourne bounded over to the woman providing sign language to the side of the stage and gave her a kiss to the delight of the audience.

After catching one final break in the evening, the band would close out the night with the crowd-pleasing 'Paranoid' and putting an exclamation point on the end of their performance.

Watch Black Sabbath Perform 'Iron Man' at Lollapalooza
Black Sabbath's Aug. 3 Lollapalooza Set in Chicago:

'Black Sabbath'
'The Wizard'
'Beyond the Wall of Sleep'
'Into the Void'
'Under the Sun'
'Snow Blind'
'War Pigs
'Electric Funeral'
'Sweet Leaf'
'Symptom of the Universe/Drum Solo'
'Iron Man'
'Faries Wear Boots'
'Dirty Women'
'Children of the Grave'