This kid looks pretty young, but he can jam on Lamb of God better than most adults. Even more impressive, he's doing it on an acoustic guitar with absolutely no backing music whatsoever. Every note he plays is our there for viewers to deconstruct, but this little dude hits the mark while performing Lamb of God's 'Walk With Me in Hell.'

Confidence in your guitar playing doesn't come easily. To actually perform a heavy-hitting metal song on an acoustic guitar, nail an entire five-minute take and post it online isn't for the weak of stomach, so this kid deserves his due credit. Just to get an idea of how many people love this dude's rendition of 'Walk With Me in Hell,' there are currently 1,059 thumb up's on a video with only 2,752 views. That means almost half the people who watched made the effort to hit the thumb's up, which is unheard of on YouTube.

Check out this kid shred 'Walk With Me in Hell' in the video above.