When Kid Rock announced he’d be kicking off the month of June with a special show at the House of Blues in Boston, the tickets sold out faster than you could say Jim Beam.

Trying to bottle the high energy of Rock and his band and confining it to the four walls of a club the size of the House of Blues is futile, so Kid Rock did what he does best – delivered an arena size rock show to the more intimate crowd.

With no opening act and a sold-out crowd, the troops were starting to get weary waiting for the main attraction. When Rock and his band finally hit the stage, the night culminated into an all out VIP party and all you needed to attend was a ticket to the show.

Shortly into his set, a gigantic banner unfurled behind the band displaying a photo of Rock’s beloved former hype man Joe C. Rock took a moment, got down on one knee in front of the Joe C. likeness and paid his respects. Joe C., an integral part of Kid Rock’s rise to success, passed away in 2000.

While his name may imply that he’s a rocker, Kid Rock’s arsenal goes deep. Influenced by rap, country, blues and rock, his song catalog offers up a little something for everyone and the massive set list jumped from genre to genre with ease steeped with shout-outs to classic rock and of course his love for our glorious country.

The American Badass had a few surprises up his sleeve, as well including a guest appearance by Boston’s own Peter Wolf, who joined the kid onstage for a rendition of ‘Love Stinks’ by the latter's group the J. Geils Band. Rock’s appreciation for classic rock has always been an important part of his music is ever-present throughout his set.

Rock closed out the show raining a rainbow of confetti on the crowd, ensuring that no one left the show unscathed.

With the club tour now wrapped up, Kid Rock will spend the summer on the festival circuit.

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