Kill Devil Hill have found a new home, signing a new multi-album deal with Century Media Records and already planning their sophomore disc, due out this fall. The band features bassist Rex Brown of Pantera and drummer Vinny Appice of Black Sabbath and Dio.

Brown feels right at home with their new label, sharing, “Since day one with Century Media, it's been great knowing that they have the same mutual beliefs and goals that we do -  to keep hard rock and metal alive and kicking, and to bring our music to as many fans as we can!” Brown also commented on Century Media Records reputation, saying, “These guys have the best track record around when it comes to hard rock and metal music, and it's great to know that we're on the same page and striving for the same things!"

Speaking of keeping hard rock and metal alive and kicking, Rex Brown has been doing that for many years both with his former band Pantera and Kill Devil Hill, and now the folks at Hartke have taken notice. Brown was recently added to Hartke’s roster of artists. "I've been playing bass for a long time and I recently had the great fortune of pluggin’ in to a Hartke rig,” said Brown. “My new rig gives me the flexibility to control my tone and blast my sound in any size venue. This Hartke rig slams like a concrete sledge.”

Brown will be making his first public appearance as a Hartke endorsed musician on Sept. 19 at Sam Ash on West 34th Street in New York City. The event is scheduled for 7PM ET and Rex will participate in both a discussion as well as a demo. The event is free and open to the public but it is on a first come basis, so get there early to catch Rex!