While fans continue to wait for King Diamond's next studio album and a long-promised concert film (which we now know will include and indoor and outdoor performance), there's no shortage in King collectibles. A limited edition statue of the shrieking frontman is on the way from Rock Iconz and the singer promises, “If you place this statue in a room where you sleep, I will show you a glimpse of another world — a world you are not supposed to see… yet.”

The statue showcases King Diamond in his usual tophat with pentagram emblem, his signature cross-bone mic grip, black trench coat riveted with silver buttons and clasps on each side, boots, outstretched hand holding a lantern and face paint with streaked lines running from the bottom of his lip to his chin and heavily blacked out eyes with curled accents along the sides, extending partially down the right and left cheeks.

Pre-orders for the statue will ship in early 2018 and the figure is limited to 1,777, falling in line with the Abigail cut, "The 7th Day of July 1777." Among these, only 77 will be signed by King himself and will come with a signed certificate of authenticity. Those who pre-order will be entered in a random drawing to be selected as one of the 77 who receive the signed edition. For more information and to place your order, head to this location

When Metal Blade Records founder and CEO Brian Slagel guested on the Loudwire Podcast alongside The Black Dahlia Murder's Trevor Strnad, he discussed the upcoming King Diamond concert film. He also addressed the one album remaining on Mercyful Fate's contract and was noncommittal about the band's plans, but said to keep an eye out for something in 2020 regarding the legendary act.

King Diamond Statue

Knuckle Bonz / Rock Iconz
Knuckle Bonz / Rock Iconz

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