Those masters of merchandising have done it again! Whenever you're "hotter than hell," you can now cool off by going for a spin on an officially licensed KISS bicycle. The band has teamed up with Sciacallo Bikes to provide those interested with options for customizing their own KISS bicycle.

The carbon-fiber KISS road bike allows the purchaser to have a KISS 88MM wheel set with the black and white KISS logo, a KISS limited edition carbon-fibre rear disc wheel featuring the four KISS faces from the Rock and Roll Over cover and a limited edition carbon-fibre tri-spoke front wheel that is also black and white with the KISS logo and symbols of the band members. See each of the items below. Those interested in learning more about the KISS bike options can check in at the Sciacallo Bikes website.

According to Blabbermouth, in addition to Sciacallo Bikes, KISS recently reached agreements on new licenses for comic books and graphic novels through Dynamite Entertainment, a digital mobile video game through Sproing Publishing, virtual items via Swyft Media, photo booth and branded prints through Apple Industries, 3D printed figurines via Staramba and long hauler model trucks through New Ray Toys. Each of those licensing deals are worldwide.

The band has also reached licensing deals solely in North America for waffle makers, toasters and popcorn makers via Pangea Brands LLC, branded vending and crane machines through S&B Entertainment, pet and automotive products courtesy of Wish Factory, amusement products from Rhode Island Novelty, a cornhole/bean bag toss game through AJJ Enterprises and debit and credit cards from Card Corporation.

KISS will return to the road in April. See their scheduled dates here.

KISS® Limited Edition Carbon Fibre 88MM Wheel Set

Sciacallo Bikes

KISS® Limited Edition Carbon Fibre Real Disc Wheel

Sciacallo Bikes

KISS® Limited Edition Carbon Fibre Tri-Spoke Front Wheel

Sciacallo Bikes

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