Korn frontman Jonathan Davis recently served as a guest on Hatebreed frontman Jamey Jasta's Jasta Show podcast and spoke about how believes nu-metal will be the last era of big rock bands.

Speaking on bigger bands helping out smaller bands by taking them out on tour, Jasta commented, "I wonder if that can still happen nowadays. Whatever the big bands that are out now - can that have an impact?" He continued, "I guess I see it with Five Finger Death Punch and Bad Wolves. They sort of did what you did for the Limp Bizkits and the Incubuses. But it doesn't seem like it happens as much anymore."

"No, not to the same caliber," replied Davis. "I've always said [that] I think this last batch of Korn, Deftones, [Limp] Bizkit - all those bands from that time - [are] the last guard of that time; [they] were the [last] big, real rock bands. That time has come and gone. No one's gonna do it like we ever did. [They're] not ever gonna have that experience. It was larger than life. We were up against pop bands."

He continued, "I'm not trying to be arrogant or nothin', but it was like us against them. It was us against Britney Spears and the Backstreet Boys. And then we were so embraced by the hip-hop community."

"At that time, that crossover - I don't think I'll see it again," he concluded, as Jasta went on to mention how the band was playing top-tier venues and appearing on MTV's TRL. You can listen to the episode in full below, with this discussion beginning around the 39:14 mark.

Despite the somewhat tarnished reputation of nu-metal's era, there is no denying its impact. Do you think it was rock music's last mainstream stand? Or will the genre rebound at some point and bounce back to its previous heights? Leave us a comment with your thoughts.

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