Korn frontman Jonathan Davis revealed earlier this week (Dec. 18) in a Facebook Live Q&A with fans that 2018 will see the release of his debut solo album. "Korn is gonna be off for awhile and I'm gonna be working on my solo stuff next year," he confirmed in the video, which can be viewed below.

"Everyone has been asking — my solo show is this summer. I'm finishing my record finally," he says, beginning at about the 16 minute mark. "I started it in 2008, so I guess it'll be 10 years of work. It's the J.D. S.F.A. record, but J.D. S.F.A. is no longer. Unfortunately, since Shane's [Gibson, late Korn touring guitarist and a member of  the Simply Fucking Amazings band Davis fronted] passed, that band's done and it can't be recreated. So this is J.D. right now."

Outside of Korn, Davis has released solo singles, fronted the electronic music project Killbot and J.D. S.F.A. along with collaborating with various acts and remixing other artists' songs under the moniker JDevil. The planned solo effort will be the first full-length under his own name.

"I'm really excited. I've been working on these songs for 10 years and it's turned out amazing. So there'll be a record coming out next year. I just shot videos yesterday for a couple of songs, and the tour will be next year, and some of the dates have gone up, so you know."

A handful of European festival dates for next year featuring Davis on the bill have already been revealed. Among them are Rock AM Ring in Germany, Prague Rocks 2018 in the Czech Republic, Austria's Nova Rocks Festival, Firenze Rocks in Ital and Hellfest in France. A complete list of dates can be found here.

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