Music and gaming have paired well together for years, but next week Korn will be taking the next step, entering the worlds of AdventureQuest 3D and AQ Worlds, where fans will get a chance to see them perform a show in the Battle Concert Arena while gamers also focus their attention on fighting monsters and scoring loot.

Fans can attend the digital concert by joining the games on their Android and Apple devices, as well as their computer. The concert is set to begin as of "sundown" ET on Aug. 20.

"Get in the most brutal mosh pit ever ... and make video game history! Korn is playing the grand opening of the Battle Concert Arena in the massively multiplayer games, AdventureQuest 3D & AQWorlds. The band will play on stage while you fight monsters, score loot, and hear a new song from Korn's upcoming album.... The Nothing," state the creators at Artix, adding, "When you create a new AdventureQuest 3D game character, we'll slide a magical concert ticket into your inventory. Your ticket will allow you to instantly teleport to the special event. At least, it will when the event starts."

It's recommended that for gamers new to AdventureQuest 3D and AQ Worlds that they test out the tutorial before hopping into action. In addition, there's also a special event pack that is optional to buy that comes with Korn-branded items, the Heavy Metal Mosh Pit armor, exclusive travel forms that let you transform into new monsters from the show, bonus quests and plenty more. Plus, there's a backstage pass so that you can virtually enjoy the backstage experience with the group and take a virtual selfie.

For more details on the game, visit, and watch a trailer below.

Meanwhile, Korn's The Nothing album is on target for a Sept. 13 street date and pre-orders can be found here. And stay up to date with their touring and ticketing here.

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