Yes, you read that right. Perhaps the year's most unlikely collaborative effort came when Korn guitarist Brian "Head" Welch jammed "Blind" with former Arkansas governor and Christian minister Mike Huckabee on the Huckabee weekly talk show.

Head was on set to discuss his Loud Krazy Love documentary, which explores his relationship with his daughter from his troubled personal matters during her youth through the brighter side of today.

"About five-and-a-half/six years ago you and I first met," says Huckabee in the beginning of the video clip, which can be seen below. "I interviewed you and I said then, 'Hey, we gotta do music together sometime.' Remember that?" Head indeed remembered and the host continued, "And you said you would do it. You will still do it, right?" Of course, Head obliged.

"I realize that when the two of us are onstage together it may not look like that we actually blend, but we do," Huckabee assured everyone watching.

The two hit the stage on the program, Head armed with his 7-string guitar and Huckabee holding down the low end on bass with a custom "Huckabee" strap. They locked in on the Korn classic so if there's a next time where Fieldy can't make the tour, watch out Tye Trujillo, Mike Huckabee might nab your spot!

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