With their new release ‘Dark Adrenaline’ due out on Jan. 24, Lacuna Coil’s Cristina Scabbia recently weighed in on some of the heavier sounds it delivers while still capturing the true essence of the band.

Scabbia talked to Revolver about finding balance on ‘Dark Adrenaline’, saying, “We never repeated ourselves with any album, but this one, it’s a perfect balance between the old stuff and the new.”

For fans worried about the sound, don’t fret, Scabbia said that even though the new music is heavier and a bit more obscure, it’s still Lacuna Coil: “I think that it totally captures the essence of Lacuna Coil because it’s definitely a mixture of our roots and something completely new.”

Scabbia described the writing process as very free, saying, “We wrote a little bit of everything because we didn’t really know what clear direction we wanted to follow.” That approach allowed them to “throw every idea in the pot,” and the outcome is ‘Dark Adrenaline.’

Lacuna Coil is currently out on tour and testing out some new songs along the way. Watch them perform ‘Kill The Light’ in Italy, here.

They're finishing up some dates in Europe before heading back to the U.S. to join the 2012 Gigantour with Megadeth, Motorhead and Volbeat at the end of January.