Thanks to the wonders of technology and YouTube, you can pretend like you attended Lacuna Coil's show in their native Italy last night (Oct. 21) and like you were lucky enough to witness the band perform the brand new song 'Kill the Light.' The portentous song is the third track on Lacuna's forthcoming new album 'Dark Adrenaline,' which drops via longtime label Century Media on Jan. 24.

The fan-captured video of the performance, which took place at Bloom in Mezago, offers a pretty clear taste of the nature of this compact, mid-tempo song. There's plenty of tension built up through the guitar work, while frontwoman Cristina Scabbia beguiles the listener with her serpentine vocal style, which wrap around the riffery. Yes, we know, she's one of the hottest (if not hottest) chicks in hard rock, but her voice is just as bella as she is, to borrow a word from her language. She doesn't coast on the strength of her looks; she compels thanks to the power of her voice.

There's a surge of (dark) adrenaline powering this song, and it's the most ominous we've ever heard this Euro rock band. We like it and this live snippet makes us psyched to hear more.

Watch Lacuna Coil Perform 'Kill the Light'