Lacuna Coil frontwoman Cristina Scabbia recently spoke to Metalholic about the recent deaths of Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell, delving into the specifics of public reaction to the two deaths.

Of people unable to relate to what happened, she says, "I think there is a stigma because we don't know much about it. And it's just really hard to connect with people who are severely mentally ill. And also, if you think about mental illness, it's such a deep and vast field — from depression to dementia to people that are damaged because they had cancer or they've been having surgery on their heads and radiotherapy, chemotherapy. There is so much about it, and it's really, really hard to understand people who are severely hit by mental illnesses. So I don't judge. Of course, I know what I know from my point of view, from my experience, but I will never talk s--t about people who are depressed or committed suicide only because it's hard for me to relate."

She continued, bringing up how much mental illness can cut to the core of somebody. "Sometimes it's easy for the people to judge other people just because, 'Oh, I can't understand why it happened. I would have never done this.' Yeah, you would have never done this, because you don't understand what they're going through. You're not in their heads, you don't know what they're experiencing. So it's a really, really hard topic to choose," says Scabbia.

"When we did Delirium, it was really important for us to treat it in the most respectful and delicate way possible," says the singer. "Because you can try to send a positive message and to try to tell people, 'Oh, you should be positive all the time, you should be happy, you should overcome depression,' and everything, but it's not as easy as you speak. It's way deeper than that and more complicated than this."

Lacuna Coil have been staying busy, announcing a European tour for the fall, as well as a future book release detailing their 20 year history. Earlier this year, the band released a new, cinematic music video for "You Love Me 'Cause I Hate You," placing the band in a detective story scenario.

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