'Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?' is back with a new season of your favorite musicians setting the record straight! This episode features one of heavy metal's great female singers -- Lacuna Coil's Cristina Scabbia.

We start off right away with a bit of fiction about Scabbia concerning the way she became a member of Lacuna Coil, which was then called Etherial. Scabbia wasn't necessarily employed as a session singer by the band before joining, instead being brought in more on a whim due to a relationship with one of the band members. We'll let her explain the rest.

Lacuna Coil's 2002 album, Comalies, brought Scabbia to a fairly spiritual place as the singer felt she was creating from an almost coma-like state. She elaborates on this feeling and the difficulty tapping into that sense of being while in a sterile environment like the recording studio. In the clip above, Scabbia also goes on to explain the meaning behind "Heaven's a Lie."

Wikipedia states Lacuna Coil's music video for "Fire" was shot, but will never be released. This isn't exactly true, as Scabbia explains in our signature segment. The actual reason Lacuna Coil were against putting out the video is pretty funny, leaning more towards personal preference than anything else.

Check out the Cristina Scabbia edition of 'Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?' above and stay tuned for new episodes every Wednesday!

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