It’s no secret that fans are awaiting the highly anticipated release of Lacuna Coil’s upcoming album ‘Dark Adrenaline’ due out Jan. 24 via Century Media Records. The band’s first single ‘Trip the Darkness’ is creating quite a buzz and so will their new creative video for the song, which is premiering via

The video features entrancingly crisp shots of the band in a singing faceoff with themselves. Not to mention, the color duality of black and white is visually captivating.

We see the band first dressed in all black, as most metal bands in videos are, but then Lacuna Coil dons white for a portion of the video. The most striking aspect in the video, and there are many, is singer Cristina Scabbia herself, as the brunette sports white hair, white contacts and feathered white eyelashes.

Directed by the Sitcom Soldiers (Funeral for a Friend, The Blackout), the video captures the essence of ‘Trip the Darkness’ as is takes viewers into a completely different world musically and visually.

Watch the Lacuna Coil ‘Trip the Darkness’ Video  (Courtesy of

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